Kareen Koul and Nice Gonzalez, students in bakery and pastry arts management program, were going to the gym when they spotted the long queue and the mysterious black curtain in the Student Commons. "Since we have time, let's have fun," said Koul. Photo credit: Huijun Li

As temperatures rose in Ottawa, excitement grew among attendees at the psychic fair, held in the Student Commons on Tuesday, April 11.

Four semi-private spaces enclosed by black curtains attracted long lines of eager students who waited up to half and hour for their turns.

The event, which was organized by the Students’ Association and ran from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., aimed to provide students with a unique and engaging experience.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve run this event,” said Amanda Logan, events programmer with the Students’ Association. “We’ve done it three or four times before, once a year. In fact, we recently held a psychic fair on AC Day 1, and the response was so positive. The students were incredibly interested and had so much fun that we thought, why not do it again?”

Individuals curious about psychics and seers could experience a free reading by lining up for a ten-minute session. The fair offered various psychic practices, including tarot card readings, palmistry and clairvoyance.

Tarot cardn fortune teller Darline Foley has the longest and the most popular queue in the psychic fair.
Tarot card reader and fortune teller Darlaine Foley had the longest and the most popular queue at the psychic fair. Photo credit: Huijun Li

Somali Dhruv, a fitness and health promotion student, attended the AC Day 1 psychic fair on Jan. 9.

“I wasn’t really going to ask the psychic anything specific,” she said. “I just really liked the experience. The way they interpreted it and led the session was very interesting. It instantly created an immersive atmosphere when they talked about cosmic energy and similar concepts.”

Kareen Koul and Nice Gonzalez, bakery and pastry arts management students, stumbled upon the event.

“We were going to the gym but we saw that there was a lot of activity over here,” said Gonzalez. “Everyone seemed to be having a good time so we felt curious and came to check it out.”

She found the event’s set up made it easy for students to join in the activities and queue up.

“I’m not a big believer, nor do I completely disbelieve in metaphysics,” Koul said, “but prophecy and fortune-telling are more of a fun thing for me most of the time.”