Robert Harvey is the newly elected member of the Board of Governors. Photo credit: Brandon Plant

After a fierce campaign between four potential candidates, the voters have spoken and Algonquin College has a new member of the Board of Governors.

Robert Harvey received 118 votes and was elected as the staff representative for the Board of Governors with 41.9 per cent of the popular vote. He was appointed officially to the role on Oct. 12.

Ala Qadi, Sudhir Tawar, and Sheila Grantham were the other hopeful candidates on the ballot.

Qadi received the second most votes out of the 281 total ballots cast in the election, with 91 total votes, worth 32.8 per cent of the vote.

Harvey, an accounting professor at the college for over 30 years, brings a slew of experience to the role.

“During my term, I hope to ensure that there are adequate funds for faculty professional development. The world of education is rapidly changing and the faculty needs to be current in both their subject matters of teaching and learning,” Harvey said.

As the founder of his own public accounting firm, Harvey has experience in providing financial advice to companies and individuals who are experiencing financial instability, which will be a pivotal part of his goals this term.

“Over the years, I have been a vocal advocate for faculty and students,” Harvey said.

The newly elected representative of the Board of Governors has been active with academic committees and emphasizes this experience as a key strength for his role.

“While the governor’s role focuses on the overall strategy of the college, I intend to remain an advocate for them. Not only do I feel that I represent the faculty, but one can never lose sight of the reason why the college exists. That is the students, and I will try to do what’s best for them as well,” Harvey said.

“I am honoured to have been elected. This role provides me with the opportunity to grow professionally. It also gives me the opportunity to provide input into the strategic direction of the college,” Harvey added.