Local News

Ottawa Citizen: Ontario Premier Doug Ford has backed down from his previous mandate to keep the playgrounds shut down due to rising COVID-19 cases. After backlash from the public, the new regulations state playgrounds will be open, but outdoor gatherings will still be enforced. The new rule allowing police to stop any motorist or pedestrian to ask their reason for being out is also under question. Solicitor General Sylvia Jones states that police officers will no longer have the right to make random stops to demand an address and a reason for their travel.

National News

CBC: After people received the AstraZeneca vaccine, some reported rare blood clotting causing Health Canada to review the vaccine. But, Health Canada officials still believe the vaccine is safe and there is a low risk of developing blood clotting. Canadian should not be worried about which vaccine they will be receiving.

International News

Spectrum News: After a police officer shot Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old black man, President Joe Biden addressed the situation. He says he saw the “fairly graphic” body camera footage of the murder but has not contacted the Wright family. Biden won’t say if he thought the incident was an accident or intentional, but will remind people that looting and violence are unjustifiable. But peaceful protesting is.