Jack Doyle has announced his retirement after 33 years as the general manager of the Students' Association Photo credit: Morgan Farrell

Jack Doyle, the general manager of the Algonquin College Students’ Association, has announced that he is planning to retire in the fall of 2023 after 40 years of dedication to college community.

Doyle has been in his current role with the SA for the past 33 years, helping to improve the Students’ Association in a plethora of ways.

“It’s nice to work for nice people,” said Bill Kitchen, the senior manager of hospitality services. “And you know, he is a nice person he cares about his staff. He cares about the product for students. He’s an incredibly devoted leader of students and young professionals and we’re really lucky to work with him or work for him. He takes great pride in having had the opportunity to work with students.”

Doyle’s reach extends to all three Algonquin College campuses. He played a key role in making the new Athletics and Recreation Center at the Ottawa campus that bears his name a reality. He also helped create student facilities at the Perth campus and adding a gymnasium at the Pembroke campus.

Doyle’s presence will be missed by many of his colleagues.

“It’s the end of an era really,” said Claude Brulé, the president of Algonquin College. “He’s had an indelible imprint throughout the college you can’t look anywhere whether it’s at the main campus or it’s Pembroke or Perth. Through his influence and his mentorship of the various slates of directors over the years, you can see that he’s left this particular imprint whether its different facilities or support for students. It’s been an exceptional 33 years as the GM and he will be sorely missed.”

Doyle will miss many things about Algonquin including the vibe of the campus and the relationships he’s made over his time here. The latter is what he attributes to his success in getting projects done.

“Just all the relationships that I think we’ve built, you know to really, to make things better,” said Doyle. “We have to be able to talk to each other and work together. And that only happens with strong relationships and high levels of trust.”

After 40 years, Doyle is looking forward to spending more time outdoors in his retirement.

“My last official day’s October the 16th, but I’ll probably be gone a few weeks before that, so in September,” he said. “I fish and hunt. That’ll be very nice, it’ll be something to go hunting and not have to come home to go to work.”

For now, Doyle will remain on as general manager of the Students’ Association.

“Algonquin has been very good to me. I like to think I’ve been good to Algonquin, and so that makes for a good relationship,” said Doyle. “But the time still comes where it’s time to go, and it’s someone else’s turn to lead the charge.”