Students lean in to listen to Cameron about the important tools to use when it comes to Drag 101.

A lot of people ask, what is drag?

On Wednesday, Feb.19 in E-building, that question was answered.

At a drag workshop, Cameron Eric Leon, a drag king entertainer explained the history of drag and what goes into it when it comes to makeup, performance and business aspects.

Quinn Blue, a wellness and equity centre advisor at Algonquin College, explained why the event was scheduled.

“We are doing a student drag competition coming on March 12 and, with that, we wanted to have an opportunity for students to learn a little bit more about how to do drag because it can be a little intimidating at first,” Blue said. “Rather than being like, ‘GO!’ people have the opportunity to learn, which is really what being a student is all about.”

The workshop was for people who will compete in the drag competition to get a better understanding of what drag is before they sign up to work with aesthetics students to learn more about drag makeup.

Tam Davidson, a first-year paramedic student, is excited to be given the opportunity to work with the aesthetics students and learn more about what goes into a drag queen and kings makeup routine.

“I’ve been interested in drag for a couple of years now,” said Davidson. “I went to the first drag kings show, which I didn’t even know was a thing, this past summer.”

When Davidson saw the option to be in the drag competition at school, she started dressing up and playing with makeup. The event that Davidson saw over the summer that inspired her to go into the King scene was hosted by Leon, so she said she was definitely going.

While Davidson learned a lot at the workshop, she mentioned that one of Leon’s lesson’s was a favourite.

“As much as drag is about being these characters, being these larger than life characters that are big and tough,” Leon said, “at the same time you, need to be humble and respect people around you.”