The gymnasium is A-building is closed. Photo credit: Noah Simmons

Facilities Management is evaluating what to do with the old gymnasium, which usually stays closed.

Before the completion of the Jack Doyle Athletics and Recreation Centre, the gymnasium in A-Building was used for student recreation, various academic activities and a court for the Wolves to practice.

After the construction of the ARC, the space is still being used. But for what?

“I believe there was a job fair over one weekend this semester,” said Ryan Southwood, executive director of Facilities Management at the college, in an email. “We are not currently renting it out to external organizations.”

The college has no plans to re-purpose the gym. Renovations also aren’t likely.

“We will be looking at what opportunities this space offers us as part of the Master Campus Development Plan this fiscal year,” said Southwood.

The campus development plan is on the college’s website. The plan was completed in 2015 and was supposed to be updated in 2020 but faced a delay due to the pandemic.

According to Southwood, the college needs a solid business case to renovate a space that large and nothing has presented itself so far.

However, one program has its eye on the space.

“We aren’t currently using it but would like to use it in the future,” said Dana Lennox, a program coordinator for police foundations. He is unsure of when it will become available to trainees.

The academic chair of the police and public health institute, Dominique Germain, declined to comment as the gym’s future is unknown.

So who’s in there right now?

“Music and Movement still uses the gym,” according to Lynda Martin, program coordinator of early childhood education.

Music and Movement Experiences for Children is part of the early childhood education program. It has students actively exploring the pedagogical value of music and movement experiences in early learning settings.