Students sat around the fire to keep warm during a chilly Thursday afternoon

Students gathered at the Ishkodowean Courtyard on Thursday afternoon to enjoy the warmth of the winter term’s last “social fire,” which was held once a month.

“With the social fire, the goal is to really get people talking to one another and get people to meet each other regardless if their Indigenous or not, students, staffs, everyone is welcomed,” said Summer Wabasse, events and communication officer at the Mamidosewin Centre.

Students were relaxing in the courtyard during the social fire, eating snacks and drinking beverages while basking in the warmth of the fire.

“I enjoy being in this kind of environment and hearing other people chat. Sometimes if I hear an interesting conversation happening ill join in — makes this place feel like a safe place,” said Laura Thompson, a veterinary technician program student.

The college’s website says the Mamidosewin Centre’s goal is to empower and assist Indigenous students as they go on to the next stage of their lives in a way that is respectful of and reflective of Indigenous cultures.

“The Mamidosewin Centre has a lot of events and I always keep an eye out on them. I think they do really good events always,” said Meg Weckwerth, a veterinary technician program student.

The Mamidosewin Centre promotes social interaction by bringing people together and by encouraging students to chat with others. Wabasse kept an eye out on the fire to make sure whether it needed more wood or not.

“This is a nice way to be in community with people that you might not necessarily ever interact with. We’re all doing different things but yet sharing the same space,” said Emma Halchuk, a veterinary technician program student.