Pictured left to right: Nathaniel Whelan, Lucille Jodoin and Kris Brabant. Photo credit: Shane Lamarche-Silmser

Centrepointe Library hosted a book launch event for books written and illustrated by three Algonquin College Professional Writing graduates and three Illustration and Concept Art graduates.

The books, Aboard the Dreamscape, Jimmy and the Monster Slayer and Mina and the Magical Fish, will also each have a copy donated to the library.

“It was completely unexpected,” Kris Brabant, writer of Jimmy and the Monster Slayer, said. “There was a little bit of mention that there was a possibility that they could be published later on down the road, but I think nobody was thinking too much about that.”

All the books were made for young children and the event had a reading session for each one.

The first book read was Aboard the Dreamscape, written by Nathaniel Whelan and illustrated by Shannon Wilvers. Whelan presented the book to the children attending the event.

“One thing that the Professional Writing program really taught me was how to write for different age groups,” Whelan said. “Being able to be descriptive and fun, but yet making sure that it can be understood by the audience is a big thing.”

“I have university experience, as well. So having theoretical knowledge and then being able to bring that to the more practical knowledge in college has been useful.”

“There used to be this idea that university was the big brother and college was the little brother, but I like to see it as a mutual balance. They both prepare you for two different things and can be mutually inclusive.”

“Huge props to Michele Hall, our program co-ordinator, too, though. It’s been an amazing experience with her.”

Next, Jimmy and the Monster Slayer was read by Lucille Jodoin, the book’s illustrator. Brabant, the writer of the book, also attended the event.

“The Illustration and Concept Art program let us do a bunch of projects that let us find what our strengths were,” Jodoin said. “We were able to find our style through it.”

“For kids, you have to add a lot of colours and make shapes simple because that’s what they’re attracted to. I also think imagination plays a huge part in a children’s book.”

The final book presented was Mina and the Magical Fish, written by Desirea Caballero and Sara Komarnicki.

Hall, the Professional Writing program co-ordinator at Algonquin College, read the book to the children.

The books were published by Spine Online Press, the Professional Writing program’s in-house press.

The books are available for digital purchase on Amazon. Those interested in a physical copy of any of the books can contact Hall’s email address hallm@algonquincollege.com for more information.