On Oct. 21, Liberal candidate Anita Vandenbeld of Ottawa West-Nepean held on to her riding and retained her seat as MP for another four years.

The vote difference from Conservative candidate Abdul Abdi and Vandenbeld was 11,108, as the latter won by 45.5 per cent of the votes. Although Vandenbeld was the MP since 2015, she is the first Liberal since 2006 to be MP of the ward.

This election, Vandenbeld was up against eight other candidates including 2015 election’s challenger, Abdi who came in second with 16,491 votes.

Vandenbeld’s election party was held at Colonnade Pizza on Carling Avenue which started at 8:30 p.m. After polls closed, supporters started rolling in an hour later.

The venue of Colonnade Pizza was decorated with all things red from balloons to posters saying, “Re-elect Anita Vandenbeld”.

As the results poured in, anxiety filled the room amongst the supporters.

People stood and watched the TV at the back of the restaurant. Majority sat at tables facing the front as they eagerly waited for the Ottawa West Nepean results to appear on the TV.


Around 10:15 p.m., it was announced that Vandenbeld was re-elected and will now serve as the incumbent.

Vandenbeld showed up for her party just after 11 p.m. to thank all the volunteers and supporters throughout the campaign.

On Nov. 20, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be sworn in along with a new gender-balanced cabinet.