Zahra El Haj Hassan paying for parking on campus. Photo credit: Zaynab Safa

Algonquin College students should expect a three per cent increase in campus parking permit prices in the 2023-2024 academic year.

Each year, the price of parking is reviewed by Roch Lafond, the parking manager at Algonquin College. The parking team makes suggestions on whether or not any necessary fee changes through the college procedure should be made.

The current costs are available on the Parking Services’ website up to August 2023.

Changes to the college’s fees are carefully studied when it comes to how much it costs to those who park at the college.

“I have to bus even though I have a car because parking is so expensive, and I live so far, so most of the time I’m extra late since buses never come on time,” said Issraa Haj Hassan, a first-year student in the academic upgrading program.

The price of the parking permits for Algonquin College has not increased since the start of the pandemic, according to an annual market review conducted by the parking service team. This was done to ensure that prices are competitive with other parking options available around the city.

Parking Services examines staffing, equipment and maintenance expenses and then proposes any necessary charge changes using the regular college process, which is evaluated at several levels before final approval.

“I started parking at school, but with everything else I have to buy, and the fact that I’m barely working due to school, I can’t keep up and wish the prices were less pricey,” said Zahra El Haj Hassan, a second-year student in the academic upgrading program.

The college reinvests the parking service’s revenue to support ongoing repairs, day-to-day operations and new college projects, according to the parking department.