Samantha Therrien serves up French toast to students in the AC Hub on Feb. 6. Photo credit: Zaynab Safa

Students at Algonquin College began their week on Feb. 6 by enjoying free French toast at the AC Hub beginning at 9 a.m.

“It would be amazing if we were being served breakfast each morning,” said Aldoline Kamanzi, a business administration student at the college. “I’ll be at school every day if that happens.”

On Monday morning, students gathered with friends to eat French toast and coffee that was being served by Samantha Therrien, a member of the events team who organizes activities for students.

“This happens once a month,” said Therrien. “Today is what we call, ‘February good Monday’ so we did French toast and will continue to do so every first Monday of the month.”

Many college students miss breakfast for a range of reasons. One of the main one that students are in a rush most mornings and don’t make time to eat. A University of Waterloo survey found that roughly 48.5 per cent of students skip breakfast every morning.

Yik Hang and Tracy Lau from the intermedia design program having breakfast together
Yik Hang and Tracy Lau from the interactive media design program have breakfast together in the AC Hub. Photo credit: Zaynab Safa

Eating breakfast has several positive effects. It gives you more energy and improves focus because a full stomach allows you to concentrate better than an empty one.

“When I have breakfast, I feel more energetic throughout the day then when I don’t eat in the mornings,” said Vedant Goswami, a computer programming student at the college. “I feel that they should make this a daily happening because a lot of us students are working five days a week, and it’s very hard to maintain an eating habit on the daily basis, so these kinds of events make it easier for us.”

Even though almost most of the students don’t eat breakfast, some people do make time to eat in the morning.

Wynbelle Salinas, a student in the business accounting program, is a fan of eating breakfast.

“I don’t think it should occur every day, maybe every Monday so that way students can be excited for Mondays since it’s the first day of the week and could bring us joy to go to school,” Salinas said.