Ottawa Citizen: Sandra Moore, a trustee for the Ottawa Catholic School Board who presides over zone two, decided to hop behind the wheel of a school bus amid the shortage of bus drivers.

She’s been working a 25 to 30 hour work week and enjoys it very much.

Moore tries to remember the names of every one of her passenger because she believes it promotes trust.


Global News: On the east coast of the United States, a rare flesh-eating and water-borne bacteria called Vibrio vulnificus is expanding 48 kilometres a year.

According to researchers, it could reach Canadian soil in 70 years.

This is caused by an increase in warmer temperatures from climate change that continues to heat up our oceans and lakes.

A researcher from the UK believes that if greenhouse gas emissions are lowered, this will curb the spread of this bacteria.


The Guardian: Protests erupted in France on Tuesday when the government decided to increase the retirement age.

President Emmanuel Macron used executive powers to increase the retirement age from 62 to 64. The Senate passed the bill in a 193 to 114 vote.

Citizens assembled en masse in Tante, Rennes and Lyron. Most protests were peaceful.

Police fired tear gas into the crowds. Some men in masks and hoods fought with police.