Happy Monday!
This week’s Music feature is “Artificial Joy club”. A band that originated in the 90’s in Ottawa, that started as “Sal’s Birdland”. The band includes Louise Reny, Leslie Howe, Michael Goyette, Tim DuPont, and Andrew Lamarche. The group signed an international deal in 1995 with Discovery Records where they reworked their famous album “So Very Happy” and released “Nude Photos Inside”. In following years the band then signed with Interscope Records, leading to the change in band name.
The band went on a North American festival tour during 1997, and later released a three-track EP called “Spaceman” including a music video. The band was well known for their alternative Canadian rock sound, but later broke up in 1999.
The band currently has 1,844 monthly listeners on Spotify.
The spotlight song of the week is “Sick & Beautiful” which appeared on their “Melt” album in 1997.