Algonquin College students had diverse views on what Meghan and Harry had to say during their TV interview.

People around the world got to peer into the lives of the royal family on March 7 when Oprah Winfrey interviewed Megan Markle and Prince Harry to air dirty laundry about the royal family.

Markle accused the royal family of several things, including racist behaviour towards their son Archie. She also claimed that at times she “just didn’t want to be alive anymore,” and she felt “trapped.”

In light of this interview, Algonquin Times reporters asked Algonquin College community members on March 12 about the interview.

Names: Alex Adams, left and Daniel Osborne, right

Program: Film and media production

Adams: “I believe in what Meghan said in her interview. There’s no way she would just make stuff up and royal family does seem kind of shady. Prince Harry did the right thing with moving out of a house where his wife was being disrespected.”

Osborne: “I think Prince Charles could have done a better job. I mean at the end of the day they are a family and cutting ties and communication with his son is not the best move. Putting money and prestige aside, if Harry wasn’t feeling happy in his own house, I think it was a good decision of moving out. At least now the couple can actually enjoy their freedom and do what they want.”

Name: Yoshabel Decime

Program: Mechanical engineering

“I don’t think she was speaking against the Royal family — it was more like her [Meghan] sharing her experience in that family. I think it was a good move from Meghan and Harry to leave the family and it seems like they are crying out for help like they don’t have any allies or anybody to help them and that too publicly.”

Name: Carter Johnson

Program: Film and media production

“I actually read an article by an analyst and it says that her [Meghan’s] body language indicated that she was mostly telling the truth. I don’t see a point why she would be lying about her mental health and what goes on behind the closed doors of royal family.”

Name: Thomas Duffy

Program: Culinary skills

“Honestly, I think it is completely correct. She has the right to talk about them however she wants. If it bashes them, good on her. As for Harry, he was just doing what he should do.”

Name: Michaela Barron

Program: Nursing (BCSM)

“It was a right and bold move on their part. She deserves to have her voice heard and people should know what’s actually going on in the institution. I think the Royal family has a high level of control over the media in England and if they want something to be kept quiet, it will never reach to people. The entire monarchy was a firm believer of colonialism, so it’s hard to believe that there were no comments on Archie’s skin colour. Harry made a right move by leaving his family to protect his wife — it was the only ethical move.”