Study pods can be found at Algonquin's Woodroffe campus. Photo credit: Gabrielle Nadeau

Across the Woodroffe Bridge in the Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence (ACCE), study pods, oddly shaped and suspended, hang above the main entry hall.

These pods are easily identifiable and accessible study and social spaces for Algonquin College students.

Constructed with generous donations on behalf of Marsh Canada and Wesley Clover Foundation, the round, elevated pods seat approximately 40 people on individual bar-like seating.

The building, home to the pods since the fall of 2011, attracts students across the college with the Fix Eatery, famously known by Algonquin students for having the best grilled cheese on campus.

With the floor-to-ceiling windows giving plenty of natural light and the five-story biofilter wall surrounding the pods, this study space is unique to others across campus.

“I like them, and I like how they’re floating,” said Julia Leva, first-year pre-health sciences student at Algonquin College. “I went on a little excursion around campus the other day and that’s when I found them and I thought they were super cool.”

On Dec. 13, 2011, the ‘unofficial mascot’ of Algonquin College —Darth Vader— made his appearance at the pods, conducting a Christmas choir flash mob. Wearing a Christmas hat and shredding on the electric guitar, carolers sang to celebrate the opening of the pods.

“I like the overall environment of the pods, this building is pretty quiet, and I feel like I can really focus here,” said Alexxa Van Hooser, first-year community and justice services student at Algonquin College.

If you happen to be in the ACCE building hunting down some delicious grilled cheese or studying in the bright environment, you can’t miss what looks like two giant orbs suspended from the ceiling.