"In the current year, student colour printing has already exceeded the total amount of student colour printing for the entire year last year," said Michael Heaslip. Photo credit: Ethan Grove

While the need for a physical copy of any document is decreasing, sometimes it is a necessity.

With limited space in shared living spaces and costs associated with printer ink, many students opt to not buy a printer.

Algonquin College has 48 accessible printers for students at the Woodroofe campus and each student receives $10 a semester on their student card towards printing. Using the printers can cost students anywhere from $0.10 to $1.40 depending on the size of paper. and whether the documents need colour ink.

“Student printing on campus has never been easier with Mobility Print,” said Michael Heaslip, manager of print services at Algonquin College. “Mobility Print is a method of printing to college printers from any phone, tablet or laptop device. The campus printing website (algonquincollege.com/print) includes instructions, videos, a printer map and much more information about printing on campus.”

The implementation of Mobility Print on campus was introduced in January of 2021 to address student feedback about the difficulties of printing on campus.

“Printers on campus are available to students 24 hours/day and are accessible throughout spaces at each campus,” said Heaslip. “The printers are maintained by student employees who work to ensure that paper jams are cleared and paper and toner are replaced in a timely manner. The same student employees are available to assist other students with printing, and of course Mobility Print is available to everyone for an ease of use print experience.”