A promotional still from Marvel's 2012 film The Avengers.

With the release of many new Marvel titles, such as the Loki television series and the new Black Widow film, the roster of superheroes and villains is always expanding. An Algonquin Times reporter asked students to name their favourite Marvel character. Here is what they had to say:

Name: Josh Jilesen

Occupation: Electrical Maintenance Staff

“I’d have to say that my favourite hero would be Thor. I don’t know too many characters in Marvel, but I do know Thor is the god of thunder, and I like that because I work in electrical maintenance.”

Name: Haley McDougall

Occupation: Connections Campus Store Staff

“I definitely have to say that my favourite character is Bucky Barnes. He’s my ride-or-die character. What I love most about him is that he’s a complex character, he’s not exactly a villain, he’s just a victim of circumstance.”

Name: Zoya Tariq

Program: Computer Systems Technician

“My favourite is probably Spiderman. I think he’s the only Marvel character I really know, since I don’t watch those movies, but I know I like him because he’s handsome.”

Name: Kayla Grant

Program: Game Development

“My favourite hero definitely has to be the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill. I’ve never been one to really pay attention to Marvel movies or anything, but I saw an ad for a video game with him in it, and I suddenly became a lot more interested.”

Name: Cybil Germino

Program: Dental Assisting

“I really like Black Widow. She’s a cool hero, she’s tough, and she is a good example of girl power, and I think that’s cool.”

Name: Erika Hababag

Program: Dental Assisting

“I definitely like Black Widow. She’s really strong, and I absolutely love her powers, so I think it makes it an easy choice for who my favourite is.”