Virtual learning has proven to be difficult for some students over the last few semesters. However, many students have managed to find the bright side taking their classes online. Here are some of their funniest virtual learning moments:

Jonah Kelly
Jonah Kelly Photo credit: Mitchell Ansell

Name: Jonah Kelly

Program: Business

“Man, my dog would not stop bothering me one day. Just constant barking. My girlfriend wasn’t home, so I left my room to let him outside for like the eighth time, but I couldn’t find him. Turns out he went into my room and was on camera for the whole Zoom class to see him.”

Alexis Ricard
Alexis Ricard Photo credit: Mitchell Ansell

Name: Alexis Ricard

Program: Sommelier

“I was in class with my camera on and my chair broke apart as I was sitting in class but I was muted so everyone in the class just saw me fall for no reason with no sound like an old silent movie or something like that.”

Sonja Bowkett
Sonja Bowkett Photo credit: Mitchell Ansell

Name: Sonja Bowkett

Program: Art Restoration

“I love singing and my camera was off but I was unmuted so in the middle of class everybody heard me singing “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus and everyone started laughing. It was traumatic when the teacher had to tell me to stop.”

Joel Knight
Joel Knight Photo credit: Mitchell Ansell

Name: Joel Knight

Program: Skilled Trade Student

“I forgot that I had to be on camera for a class presentation one day. So when the time came I was reluctant because my little sister practised makeup tutorials on me before class, so I looked like I was from Cirque de Soleil.”