Algonquin has begun emptying lockers which have gone unclaimed by students.

A locker recovery program began in July to return any forgotten items to people who had lockers and weren’t able to recover items before they left. Algonquin closed in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An advisory was sent to students.

“Students with current locker rentals should have received an email from Locker Services with details on how to request this service,” said a newsletter by Algonquin College.

Some students had sentimental items, while others had important school resources in their lockers.

“I had some anatomy textbooks left in my locker before all this happened,” said Jamie Hikari, a health sciences student at Algonquin. “It took a bit of a toll on my grades, but luckily all this wasn’t the very beginning of the semester or else I would have been screwed.”

Others had left medication and college assignments. These have been returned where requested.

An email was sent in late July explaining the process.