Melissa Shabinsky shared her expertise about the best fall juice blends at an AC Hub event.

Since the pandemic has started a lot of people have decided to make changes in their lives, like working out or trying new diets and foods.

On Oct. 21 The AC Hub at Algonquin College hosted an event hosted by Melissa Shabinsky, owner and operator of Ottawa’s RAW pulp & Grind. Shabinsky shared her expertise about the best fall juice blends and flavours for beginners looking for some blended juice inspiration.

During the event the hosts had to keep putting Shabinsky mic on mute before she would put her ingredients in the blender to make sure the participants wouldn’t get scared over how loud it was since most of them were wearing headphones.

There was also one of six prizes being given out to RAW for those who participated in the event.

Over 25 Algonquin staff and students showed up to the event.

“Today I want to talk about fall juice blends because the fall harvest that’s out there right now is amazing and most of it is found locally,” said Shabinsky.

During the event Shabinsky showed three of her favourite fall drinks.

One of the first juice blends that Shabinsky make was with fennel, grapefruit and ginger. The second juice blend that she made was with apple, ginger and lemons. Finally the last juice blend that she made was with lemons, beets, ginger and orange, which was one of Shabinsky’s favourites.

When Shabinsky juices she is juicing per cup about 3 to 4 pounds of fruits and veggies so everyone can almost get their daily serving in one 8/10 oz of juice.

“We are at home and we are trying to stay healthy at home and one way to stay healthy is juicing,” said Shabinsky.