Algonquin students are having a "cheers" to Miss Chocolate

The AC Hub hosted 32 students for two hours of wine and chocolate tasting on Feb. 27.

The event was hosted by Nathalie Borne, 52, who has been making chocolate since 1989.

“I like to get my hands dirty with chocolate, I like smelling and feeling chocolate, it is my personal style in making it,” Borne said.

Borne started the event relating stories about the six years she operated her store, Miss Chocolate. While her store is closed, the Hull resident is still making chocolate but serving it as a part of her workshops.

She related how sheI thought her business was closed?” class=”inline-comment collapsed”> makes chocolate from the second she gets the cacao bean, until she wraps the chocolates.

I thought her business was closed?” class=”inline-comment collapsed”>After every story she told, she asked students to taste a different kind of wine with the chocolate that goes with it. She showed the differences between making chocolate back in the days when she first started her business and how it is now.

It was clear from the reaction on the students’ faces that her combinations were a success.

Questions like what for example?” class=”inline-comment collapsed”>“The wine chosen went very well with the chocolate,” said Liam O’Brien, a sommelier program student.

He tastes wine and studies it almost every day with his girlfriend Sathya Salom. They both liked the chocolate and wished they could buy it, but unfortunately, Borne closed her business a long time ago and now only does workshops.

At the end of the event, Borne went around and asked each student about what kind of chocolate and wine they liked the best.

Most students liked white chocolate.

“I really like how the college puts so much effort to entertain students. I have been to so many places and universities and there’s nothing like that,” said Roxana Rangel, a marketing management student.