This weeks Music Monday feature is “The Acorn”. Formed in 2003 in Ottawa, “The Acorn” is an indie-rock, folk group created by Rolf-Carlos Klausener. The band originated as a solo project, but quickly was joined by Howie Tsui, Jeff Debutte, and Jeffrey Malecki. Their unique sound was quickly picked up by Kelp Records, and later produced the album, “The Pink Ghosts” in 2004. The band has endured many live shows, some include opening for “Fleet Foxes”, “Bon Iver”, and played many well known Canadian Festivals. The band has also had over 10+ different members over the last 10 years, and last played together back in 2017.

The spotlight song of the week is “Dents” which was released back in 2007, on one of their most popular albums “Tin Fist”.
“The Acorn” currently has 22,476 monthly listeners on Spotify.