This week is our last MM feature for the semester:’(. It’s truly been so fun to discover local artists from Algonquin College, and the Ottawa Region, and share them with you! We hope you all enjoyed the weekly features and hopefully learned a thing or two!

This week we have “The Balconies”, a trio formed in Ottawa back in 2007. Composed of Jacquie Neville, Steve Neville and Liam Jaeger. The band started out as a side gig, and played classical music at the University of Ottawa. Their occasional rock sessions soon turned their world upside down, as they released their first self-titled debut in September 2009. The band drew influence from New Young Pony Club, and Interpool, resembling an indie rock sound.
In 2012, the band relocated to Toronto, and signed with famous producer Arnold Lanni, who’s well known for his work with Montreal band Simple Plan.

Check out the spotlight song of the week
“Boys and Girls”!!