What have I become?

by Amanda Monterroso

Screws come loose

Robot parts lay strewn across the floor

My limbs taste of penny dust and

The way copper catches in the sun

I could trick you into thinking it’s beautiful

They stare wherever I go

At the half girl, half something else

With missing parts, a body riddled with holes

But fear not,

My crooked tooth smile and crinkle-cut eyes

Will assuage your uneasiness

Your inkling that I am something

Not quite human

My milkmaid bones creak and rattle

They strain under the weight of the sky

Isn’t it funny?

The machine felt sorry for Atlas.

As a first-year professional writing student, I feel art all around me. I’m like a painter who brushes a canvas or an orchestra playing a symphony. I string words together and hope you see the masterpiece.