If You Give a Girl a Chair by Peyton Scott

There must have been a day

when you grabbed a cup off of the top shelf for me, one I couldn’t reach without standing on a chair. There must have just been one day

where I stopped grabbing the chair,

stopped standing on the counter,

stopped reaching for a glass I would almost break, and just started waiting for you.

And the list of things that I needed you for just grew and grew

and grew

until I didn’t know what to do with myself, how to live with myself.

I don’t know when I decided

to get the chair back out,

to stand on it like it was the highest point on earth, but you can see for miles up here.

Peyton Scott Bio

Peyton Scott is a Professional Writing student with a passion for creative writing and poetry. On any given day you can find Peyton with her nose in a book or dreaming up love stories. If you can’t already tell, Peyton’s favourite genre to work with is romance.