Midg McKee hugs Antoni Porowski during the Evening with Antoni event at the Student Commons Theatre. Photo credit: Douglas Boyle

An excited crowd filled the Student Commons Theatre with cheers and applause as Antoni Porowski made his way on stage.

The 35-year-old TV personality from the Emmy award winning Netflix show Queer Eye stopped at Algonquin College to talk food, his cookbook, representation and what it’s like working with his co-stars.

Melina Kokkinos, a graduate of the public relations program, made sure to return to campus to see the reality TV star.

“I love queer eye,” said Kokkinos, “I would’ve showed up for any one of them.”

Porowski began the show by talking about the importance of representation as a member of the LGBTQ community. Referencing a quote from Oprah, he stated it is so important for people who feel like outsiders to see themselves in media. Something he didn’t have when he was younger.

“I think we all need to remember to be kind,” Porowski said, “Never underestimate the power of kindness.”

The show quickly turned to his true passion in life, cooking.

After talking with the host for an hour about the recipes in his best-selling cookbook and the process of picking what recipes he wanted to publish, Porowski moved a table with everything he needed mis en place to prepare a carrot ribbon salad. Something he didn’t want to do alone.

Midg McKee, a second-year hairstyling student, got the chance to go up on stage and help Porowski prepare the dish.

“It was amazing,” said McKee, “he was very sweet, personable and inspiring.”

Porowski keeps a cooking demo light hearted with student guest Midg McKee.
Porowski keeps a cooking demo light hearted with student guest Midg McKee. Photo credit: Douglas Boyle

Porowski didn’t only talk about food during his time at Algonquin. Continuing a persistent theme of positivity and kindness he went on to explain that his personal mantra involves assuring himself that he is enough, and he has enough.

When asked if he has any advice outside of cooking that he likes to use in his everyday life, Porowski took a moment to think about it.

“When I was nervous about auditioning for Queer Eye, a friend told me to just be cool. Not like, yeah bro, but be yourself. This is your chance for them to want to see more of you.”