One of the event coordinators and a third-year graphic design student, Genevieve Lepine, presents one of her larger prints Friday afternoon. Photo credit: Chanelle Pinard

Algonquin’s graphic design department hosted an art sale on Friday, Jan. 31 featuring prints created by third-year students.

The event, which began at 10 a.m., went late into the afternoon and attracted large crowds throughout the day. There were a variety of stickers and art prints all under $5 that visitors could choose to purchase.

Over the semester, students work with the intention of promoting their creations at the annual grad show exhibition in April. The event displays graduates’ design portfolios and allows them to demonstrate problem-solving skills and creativity. All of these things will help them with the transition into the industry.

“It’s a really good opportunity to showcase what we’ve been doing for our future employees and anyone who’s seen us suffer for the last three years through the program,” said Genevieve Lepine, with a laugh. Lepine is a third-year student and the event’s co-coordinator.

During a pitch competition held in January, the students selected “anthology” as the chosen theme to guide their projects.

“Our theme for the brand is anthology which plays-off of old records,” said Jenny Owens, a third-year student and the event’s co-coordinator. “We release a series of records in the same anthology series, loosely related to each other but different.”

In preparation for the grad show, 43 graduates came together with each of their specialties. “Motion, web designers, print designers,” said Owens. “It’s a big variety of different types of work, which is really exciting.”

First- and second-year students in the program volunteer in support of the final show. “A lot of our events, we couldn’t do without the first- and second-years,” Owens said.

“Although when I was in first-year, I volunteered for the grad show and they had a popcorn machine,” Genevieve said. “I was in charge of the machine and burned all of the popcorn, which filled the horticulture building with a wonderful smell. So, there won’t be a popcorn machine this year.”

The graduates will be hosting a henna event, bake sale and a pub night within the next few weeks.