The entire comedy team that competed for the chance to work with Don in Iqaluit. Photo credit: Oliver Mukendi

Comedian Don Kelly, alongside his team of others, worked together to break the audience’s funny bones on March 20 in the Observatory, while competing for a once-in-a-lifetime prize that could change their comedy career.

Kelly was first introduced to comedy as a young boy and to him, it was a magical thing that always made him and his family laugh while listening to old comedy records.

Because he was a fan, he said he wanted to try it, so he came to Ottawa to introduce his style of comedy. From probably doing more than just trying what he does best, he has been seen at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

Andrew Wambolt alongside Fabio Ricci, Christina Muehlberger, David Haddad, Abdullah Usman, KB Harrwood, Matthew Santos, Laura Mclean and Harrison Weinreb were the local group invited to participate and compete in the under-30 category, with most invited because they’ve worked with Kelly before.

The funniest comedians were competing for not just a cash prize, but a chance to show their talent in Iqaluit alongside Kelly, as part of the Alterna Savings Crackup Comedy Festival.

As comedians, they’re expected to be very funny. But the laughter of the crowd will be what gives them their final score as well as determine the winner of the competition.

But competitions like these are just one of many. Kelly has hosted and will continue hosting many more just like these to give opportunities for young comedians to have a chance to have their name known.

“Comedians have to do it, and keep doing it if they want to have a chance on stage,” said Kelly. “Only by trying will you be successful in what you do.”

But this competition doesn’t just benefit the comedy fans. The money that’s raised for this event helps mental health programs to support those who need help.

This year, from Oct.15 to Nov. 30, there will be a competition hosted by Seth Rogen where many colleges and universities will participate in the Hilarity for Charity contest where they need to raise the most money for a greater cause. The winner will be visited by Seth Rogen.