Philip Cull-Mulcair performs his first set as an Algonquin graduate

The DARE district was filled with music, laughter, and joy April 23 as Algonquin’s design studies and introduction to music industry arts (MIA) graduates showcased their accumulated portfolios for the year.

Students and college faculty were welcomed together for the celebration of art as graduates of both programs looked back at their progress and now their completion.

“This is a place where we can bring two different areas of art together to complement each other, and it makes it more of a festival,” said Rosarii Mooney, coordinator for the design studies program.

The space hosted live music performed by the intro to MIA graduates, providing a light atmosphere over students’ design projects.

Tino Dhwa, a graduate of the design program, stood proud of his work and displayed his portfolio.

He said his program has continued to improve his art and build on where he sees himself going.

“The program helped build the foundations I need to pursue what I want to create,” Dhwa said.

Design students had displayed works such as 3D sculptures, phone case covers, masks, still-life drawings, and much more.

The graduates of intro to music industry arts performed original pieces and covers as onlookers were free to come celebrate the forms of art.

“They’re just their doing their thing, and showcasing their performance talents” said Lou Di-Millo, program coordinator for the intro to music industry arts.

The live music complemented the ambience of the showcase as graduates took to the stage and performed for their peers and family.

“This program gave me experience on stage and helped me realize that we grow in our own way,” said Phillip Cull-Mulcair after his final performance.