Many curious passers-by were interested in the various animation styles. Kyle Shipman attracted many curious eyes with his 2D and 3D art.

Algonquin College animation students showed off their work at the student commons Wednesday.

As the summer break approaches, Algonquin’s animation program provides its grads with an opportunity to share their work and network for potential job opportunities.

Student of the program, Joshua Ivens, displayed his 3D animation skills on a screen at his booth.

“I was inspired by anime and games,” said Ivens. “I loved them as a kid, and I love them now.”

He thinks the greatest benefit of the program is that both 2D and 3D animation is thought in traditional and modern ways. “You have to get used to the hard stuff,” he said. “The rest comes easy after that.”

Another graduating student was Austin Mann who discovered his talent at family meetings where he drew to entertain his family members. “You build a family in this program without even noticing it,” said Mann. “That family helps you achieve your best.”

Their experiences are far from all sunshine and butterflies, however.

“The workload is heavy but you learn so much about animation,” said Mann. “Stuff they don’t even tell you that they teach.”

A former graduate of the program, Jessie Moore, is now teaching part-time. “The workload is heavy but realistic,” said Moore. “They get applicable skills and a realistic expectation of the industry.”