Allie Pearse live on the Observatory stage. Photo credit: Eyssa Dahoma

Allie Pearse headlined the four-woman Girls Night Out comedy show meant to celebrate single ladies and put couples to the test at the Observatory on Nov 2.

“We’ve got Allie Pearse headlining, who very quickly has gained so many top credits in Canadian comedy. She’s done the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs,” said Nick Burden, the promoter of Girls Night Out.

“We have a mix of Toronto Montreal and Ottawa today. Just very uniquely funny women, all with a different perspective on, you know, life and relationships, dating, just basically everything. It’s a way to show not only Ottawa but everybody from around, with prompting on social media and stuff like that, female comics are legit and we have so many strong female-identifying comics in this country.”

The show featured touring comics, including Simone Holder. Eva Alexopoulos, who MCed the event, provided short segments of laughter for the crowd. The show began promptly at 8:30 p.m. once the talented lineup chatted and sipped on their drinks at the bar.

“Some comics like to be at the show later because they don’t like to, necessarily want to, see anything that happens before, so they can sort of be in their own zone but I like to watch everything because I’m Type-A, so I’m usually here early and watching,” Pease said.

Seats continued to fill with groups of women and couples ready to listen to jokes only broken hearts could write.

“I’m so excited to be around all these women and just roast their exes and make them feel amazing about themselves,” Alexopoulos said. “I feel like it’s uncuffing season and I just want this to be for the girls tonight.”

Alexopoulos hopped onto the stage, glass half full in hand with a contagious smile on her face. Ready to start the show, Alexopoulous reminded the audience that if they have an ex that needs roasting to serve up their name and deed so she could char them to the bone.

This was a show for single ladies to enjoy and couples to be put to the test. The couples who attended were put on the hot seat, along with women who mentioned leaving their partners at home.

The jokes eventually became so spicy that it was too awkward to make eye contact with an audience member, so of course the laughs never stopped.

The show ended with an energized crowd. Audience members sat in their seats with meals and drinks completed, laughing and recapping the night.

The crowd collectively decided the “Chads,” “Bodies” and OHL players of the Ottawa area are the men you need to stay away from — unless you’re looking to have another cringe-causing ex to heal from.