The untold rules of BlackJack

When I was young, my father taught me that a well-executed strategy can get you through anything in life. We played chess, Risk, Monopoly and anything else that involved decisive thinking.

Letting your inner fangirl flag fly freely

I identify as a common band girl – concerts are my drug. There is nowhere in the world I feel better than at a concert listening to my favourite band sing my favourite songs with my adrenaline pumping and the bass pounding in my chest.

Overdue diligence

Think about the impact you make before you chime in Lately I’ve come across an irksome trend in my various social media feeds: pseudoscience has run rampant on Facebook and Twitter – and the internet as a whole.

Beer store blues

The beer store is killing jobs, stifling competition and encouraging Ontarians to get beer out of province. I’m one of those in the latter category.

The unrest behind resting bitch face

“Why do you always look so angry?” I hate that question, but if I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me that I’d have my entire college tuition paid for. In the past few years it’s become apparent to me that I am the poster child of a relatively new phenomenon – the...

Trevor’s Tinder tips

Tinder is a matchmaking application that a lot of people critique, saying that it is shallow and entirely based on superficial judgment. These critics are probably right. But that doesn’t mean that the app doesn’t serve a purpose. If you’re a busy guy, gal or identify as...

Get your facts straight

The Internet is a wonderful, wonderful place. It’s where people who have no idea what they’re talking about, can confuse or convince, those who are easily manipulated. Today “researching” means going on Google and “fact-checking” can mean copying and pasting. The Internet’s...

Don’t hurry life

When I was in Grade 12 two years ago the future loomed before me like a giant question mark that I felt ill-equipped to answer. I kept getting asked what program I wanted to take and where I was planning on applying. It felt surreal. After all, I wasn’t even a legal adult yet....

Residence meal plan pickle

Meal plans should be optional for all students living in residence. As it is, Algonquin is forcing first-year students in residence to pay for a mandatory meal plan. This can put some students into compromising and, in certain cases, unsafe situations. Further, minimum cost...