City should be entrepreneurship capital – Jensen

Innovation and entrepreneurship were the main themes in a speech by president Cheryl Jensen at the Eggs N’ Icons breakfast March 12.

Engineering students use construction technology for snow, energy projects

  While trudging through the snow from the back parking lots of Algonquin, most people don’t think about the volume of the snow and its salt concentration.
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

Building better men

Algonquin College’s Kappa Sigma is seeking to become the first official fraternity at any college in Canada. “There are other fraternities on campus,” said Kevin Dunk, “but we’re the only one that is Algonquin based.” Dunk, the grand master of the Algonquin colony and his...

Students use park to get high

  Algonquin students have recently been issued warnings for possessing marijuana just outside the college at Ryan Farm Park.

Meet the candidates: Allie Grant

Voting week for the Algonquin Student Associations’ president and vice-president begins on March 23, and Allie Grant hopes she will be standing tall when voting concludes on March 27. Grant is a former St. Lawrence College Student Association president while she was in school...

Algonquin eyes partnership with local tech firm

Algonquin is looking at spending $450,000 on an Amazon-like system to help students purchase and read their e-textbooks.

SA candidates want your vote

  By now, students have probably seen election signs plastered all over campus, meaning election season is in high gear at Algonquin.

Rex hosts cross country college call-in show

Student debt and the debate of college versus of university were the primary themes throughout Rex Murphy’s conversations with callers, audience members and students as he led a live radio broadcast from Pembroke campus March 1.

Ladies look lustrous

Christine Spence has been waiting all year in anticipation for the fourth annual women’s feast and spa day that took place on March 4 in the Mamidosewin Centre. “It was a nice surprise last year,” said Spence, a second-year business management and entrepreneurship student. “I...


Student writers wow WikiHow

Since 2009, Algonquin students have made the most contributions to the self-help site WikiHow by amassing over 500,000 views. Colin Owler, a computer-programming student, is one of those students, and he wrote an article for WikiHow last fall for his communications class. “I was...
Posted On 19 Mar 2015

Team charts sea of data

A team of student designers and coders beat 29 other groups to win first prize at Algonquin’s December Applied Research Day with a winning web application that shows complex information in a simple way. But it wasn’t the team’s first time competing. “We didn’t even rank in the...

Online learners prosper at digital desks

One December afternoon, Juanita Clarke was waiting for a bus when she got dizzy. The sensation prompted her to hail a cab and go to the nearest hospital. Clarke, a social media program student, now walks with a cane, and doctors can’t figure out why. She’s partially disabled but...


Twosome takes on Toronto SketchFest

When Matt Nadeau graduated from Algonquin’s theatre arts program in 2005, he had no idea that ten years later he’d be performing two nights at Toronto’s Sketch Comedy Festival. He is currently part of a duo called The Palcoholics and a comedy troupe called The Sketchersons, but...
Posted On 20 Mar 2015

Krate expectations

Ten years ago, Luigi Ienzi was a banker. He grew tired of sitting at a desk, being cooped up from nine to five every weekday. He decided to quit. He made a 180-degree turn to work in construction, where he met Andrew Bell. “We definitely built a rapport, feeling like we were...

John Carroll live at Algonquin recording studio

  Teaville Bourque never thought that one day he’d host Bluesfest regular John Carroll for a recording session in the same campus studio that he goes to school in.


Commons gets kick out of Hicks

He’s been throwing down since before college. Now at 35, Canadian-born country singer Tim Hicks has his own College Throwdown tour. “I started playing bars in my mid-teens,” said Hicks in an interview with the Times before the show. “One of the first gigs I ever did, the bar...