CNN News A 48-hour internet shutdown was imposed in at least 14 of 22 districts in Haryana state near New Delhi. The order was first imposed in three Haryana districts for 24 hours, but have been extended every day since. The internet restrictions came after violent scenarios that had been occurring between protestors and the police due to three agricultural laws passed in September 2020. Since late November, over 250 million people have joined the protest to demonstrate against changes they say occurred without consultation that will hurt their livelihoods.


CBC reports: January’s loss of 213,000 jobs suggests that Canada now sits at 858,000 fewer jobs than in February of 2020, before the pandemic, and five times more than what economists were expecting. Statistics Canada released a report Friday indicating the jobless rate in Canada hit a new low, up from 0.6 per cent to 9.4 per centthe lowest since August. The impact is felt primarily in Ontario and Quebec, having lost a combined 251,000 jobs.


Global News reports: By the end of the Feb. 5, all Ottawa LTC homes will have completed the second dose of vaccines, says Mayor Jim Watson. He congratulates paramedics for their hard work and dedication. The first round of vaccines took 11 days to administer to the 92 per cent of residents who chose to receive it.