For the Pride Centre, mixing crafts and encouraging company is a comfortable way to spend a Tuesday afternoon that was the theme with Crafternoon on March 26.

The Pride Centre offered a cozy afternoon of arts and crafts with a group of students ready to participate in the creativity. Quinn Blue, the coordinator of the Pride Centre, lead the activities.

The group started with a circle, introducing each other, though many students had already come to know one another. The familiar faces greeted each other again with friendly comfort.

This March’s Crafternoon included making paper, folded boxes and homemade body scrubs. The origami boxes took on a Harry Potter theme as students selected house colours and got to work following Blue’s instructions.

Each student’s box was constructed after some laughs and struggling until they were ready to be filled. The purpose was to fill the boxes with small pieces of paper with tasks scrawled onto them. The exercise would encourage students to pick a task from the box on a day when they didn’t know what to do or were feeling unmotivated.

“I come here at least once a week,” Sherri Evan, a first-year baking and pastry arts student said, “There are definitely quiet days which isn’t so bad because sometimes you just want to come and relax. Which is nice, but then there are days like today where we’re all going to do crafts and stuff.”

The Pride Centre isn’t always a overly busy space though; the frequent students have bonded into friends while there. In the warmly lit and comfortably furnished room, students have found like minded friends and a place that is all their own.