Tristan Cardinal currently holds the most block assists kin the league. Even though the game was close, Algonquin Thunder came out on top.

Three points separated the two teams in the end as the Thunder men’s volleyball team came out on top against Fleming Knights on Nov. 15.

Richard Bucar won the game for the home team with a spike low to the left side of the opposing court to give Algonquin the 25 – 22 victory in the third set.

Tom Cullingworth was also instrumental in the victory. He had the spike in the third set that pulled Algonquin Thunder two points ahead.

“It felt like a real momentum shift at that point,” said Cullingworth. “Because at that point in the game it was one – one, we were pretty neck and neck, and that was a real momentum changer that signified we had the upper hand.”

Jackie Nguyen managed to get 36 assists, one less than the entire Fleming team.

The next game will be at Seneca College on Nov. 30.