The Team

The Times’ Team



James Pavelich – Advertising Manager


Jadyn Lanteigne – Digital Team Manager


Jacob Gibbs – Digital  Team
“I’m the second member of the Digital Team, myself and Jadyn make sure everything runs perfectly on the Digital side. If you’re interested in advertising on the Times’ website, we’re here to help.”

Brendan Taggart –  Creative Director
“My name is Brendan Taggart; Creative Director of the Algonquin Times. When not designing, I’m enjoying time with friends and family.”


Noah Fridgen – Account Executive 


Guilherme Terzoni – Account Executive

“It is my role as an account executive to search for businesses that may be interested in advertising for the Times’


Grant Pedersen – Times’ Distribution Manager


Adam Starkey – Copywriter/Assistant designer

“I don’t want to brag or anything, but Windows 7 was my idea”

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