The Wolves try to stop the Seneca Sting on a breakaway just before Seneca scores their seventh goal in a game on Sept 9. Photo credit: Mathew Dicsi

On Sept. 9, the Algonquin Wolves women’s soccer team faced off against the Seneca Sting for the first time this season. The game ended with 8-0 for Seneca.

“It’s going to be a big one,” said assistant coach Stephen Ball in an interview before the game in Ottawa. “They’re (Seneca) competitive, usually either first or second place team.”

“We’re expecting to play the whole field. We’ve got skill on every position, they do as well,” Ball added.

Seneca’s aggressive play style earned them four goals and two yellow cards in the first half, with cards called on midfielder Francesca Famele and forward Faith Metcalfe-Simiana.

The Wolves received an injury in the first half when a Seneca player fell on Kassandra Da Cruz.

Kassandra Da Cruz, midfielder, being carried off the field following an ankle injury
Wolves midfielder Kassandra Da Cruz being carried off the field following an ankle injury Photo credit: Mathew Dicsi

“I went in for the tackle, then I think she fell on my ankle and I heard a little crack,” said Da Cruz. “It went so fast, I don’t really remember what happened, but tomorrow I’ll be up and ready.

Seneca then earned four more goals in the second half, with the last one coming at the 90-minute mark.

The Wolves’ next match is Oct. 3 against St. Lawrence at the Z-building Sports Field.