CJ Gallaza (right) driving the ball past Naseem Barry (left) on Feb.11 Photo credit: Marco Ghosn

The Algonquin Wolves fell short on Saturday night, losing 93-83 to first place team, George Brown Huskies.

The Feb. 11 game started off poorly for the Wolves, losing the first quarter in dominant fashion by 19 points with a score line of 35-16.

That was the only quarter the Wolves lost in the game. Winning the second quarter 19-17, tying the third quarter 20-20 and winning the fourth quarter 28-21.

The late attack, however, wasn’t enough to break the 19-point lead that the Wolves gave up to start the game.

“Very tough game,” said Trevor Costello, the head coach of the Algonquin Wolves. “Number three team in the country. We knew what we were in for, we knew we prepared for all week for the pressure. We didn’t handle it the best. The score looked respectable, but really it wasn’t really a ten-point game. It went 20 to 10, so really not a good result, but we knew we were going to be in tough and we lost. When you play the top teams in the country you got to be ready to play.”

“We went over stuff all week, but we just didn’t execute early,” he said. “Got it close and then suddenly, they went on a run with steal, steal, steal and that was basically the game. We didn’t handle the turnovers well and it turned into easy points for them.”

Costello was pleased to see his bench players stepping up and proving a point that they deserve to be at this high and competitive level. This was a positive taken from Saturday nights result.

“Couple of the bench guys stepped up,” said Costello. “Chris Kambu stepped up. He’s been playing better and again he showed a little bit that he’s getting better. Tarek (Sauve-Mohamed) came on and got a little steal. It’s a long process for a couple guys on the bench, but a couple guys showed that they’re trying to get better and maybe they can play at this level.”

The Algonquin Wolves hope to get back to their winning ways Friday night at home against the Fleming Knights.