Carter Normand (number 3) celebrates with Nathan Garcia (number 4) after scoring a three pointer against the Centennial Colts on Saturday.

The Algonquin Wolves men’s basketball team faced the Centennial Colts on Saturday and emerged victorious at home, winning 74-64.

The Colts started the game with a lot of intensity by scoring four points and putting pressure on the Wolves’ defence. The Wolves struggled to contain Deandre Goulbourne who finished the first quarter with nine points, giving his team an eight-point lead finishing the quarter 20-12.

The Wolves were determined to come back in the second quarter. Nathan Garcia scored four points, closing the gap from eight to four points.

Thirteen seconds before the second quarter ended, Carter Normand made a layup to give the Wolves the lead, but it didn’t last. Seven seconds later, Armstrong Covaun made a layup for the Colts, regaining the lead for his team.

Down by one point at halftime, the Wolves knew they needed to do better if they wanted the win.

“We need better rebounding and picking up our matchups,” said Wolves player Ted Braden.

Normand scored eight points in the third quarter, helping his team dominate its opponent and giving the Wolves a 13-point lead.

In the fourth quarter, the Colts scored 19 points, three more than the Wolves, but that wasn’t enough to give them victory over the Wolves.

Goulbourne played an amazing game for Centennial and scored 25 points, but it wasn’t enough to break the Wolves’ defence.

“Our best weapon tonight was our defence. In the last month, we stepped it up,” said the head coach of the Wolves, Trevor Costello.