Rhutvik Katam polishes his badminton skills in Algonquin's gym. Photo credit: Mohit Kumar

Although the city is experiencing another three-week lockdown, implemented on March 19, the sports facilities on Woodroffe’s campus will continue with some minor changes.

Although the period between winter’s strict lockdown and this new red-zone period saw some campus fitness activities somewhat brought back to normal, this new phase does still offer a way for people to keep active.

The fitness centre, which previously allowed 30 people, will now accommodate only ten. Individuals must book an appointment via phone, directly to the fitness centre desk. Students are allowed to have a maximum of a 90-minute workout.

For the gymnasium, a time slot reservation is required and can be done in-person or by phone. A student can only book for himself/herself and cannot reserve for others. No advance reservations can be made; one must reserve on the day they want to come. If you’re more than 15 minutes late, your time slot will be reassigned.

The basketball court operates on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with six students per time slot. Thursdays are for volleyball which allows eight students per time slot and badminton on Fridays with eight students per time slot.

“I’m happy and excited that the sports are back at campus,” said Rhutvik Katam, a student in the culinary management program. “I used to miss playing badminton on our college court. I try to come and play badminton here at least once a week, usually with my roommate.”

One must have a student ID card to enter the fitness centre and the gymnasium. Students must wear a mask at all times.

For more information, please visit Algonquin College Fitness Zone and Algonquin College gymnasium.