An Algonquin Wolves player tries to break through the Seneca Sting's defensive line. Photo credit: Mathew Dicsi

A chilled wind flowed through Ottawa’s Twin Elm Rugby Park, only made colder by light rain. The dirt covering those playing turned slowly to streaks of mud from the wet and sweat as they fought for a win. Raspy screams stayed consistent the whole game, saying “fall back!” and “10 feet!” as players throw each other across the pitch and in the air just for a touch of the ball.

On Oct. 21, the Algonquin Wolves faced the Seneca Sting in the Wolves’ final match of the season, resulting in 38-26 loss for the Wolves and four injuries.

“Algonquin was a hard-hitting team and you can see it in the injuries,” said Jon Jenkinson, a Seneca fan.

“We’ve just been working on our craft,” said Seneca captain Simeon Charles. “There have been certain things we have been saving for today, and we’ve been executing them very well.”

Wolves hooker Owen Gilmore was giving and receiving handshakes and high-fives from both teams.

“Everyone says rugby is a gentleman’s game,” said Gilmore. “I try to be nice to others and someone might buy you a pint after hours.”

“There’s no point being rude to another man playing the same sport, trying to do the same thing as you.”

Seneca player number 9 putting gauze to his wound after taking a cleat to the head.
A Seneca player presses gauze to his wound after taking a cleat to the head. Photo credit: Mathew Dicsi

Gilmore was checking on the injured from the Seneca Sting throughout the course of the game.

“Seneca was outstanding. It was unfortunate they had so many penalties, but it’s good to see these fellas get a win,” said Jenkinson.

“The penalties reflect the inexperience of the team.”

“When everyone is running hard, trying hard, playing hard, that’s when the injuries happen,” said Owen Jenkinson, another Seneca fan.