At the end of a class, Muay Thai students pay their respect to their teacher. Photo credit: Sahlym Florestal

Three times a week, Muay Thai classes are offered in studio A at the Jack Doyle Athletics and Recreation Center.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. sensei Warwick Fluke, a national Thai boxing champion teaches a martial art and combat sport that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques.

For students who are martial arts amateurs, this is a great place to learn. “I was heavily invested and was delighted that the gym here actually had practice,” said Noah Montgomery, a first-year student in the heating refrigeration and air conditioning technician program.

It’s also a great place for students who are new to the discipline and want to learn how to defend themselves.

“I saw the schedule and wanted to try it out,” said Allan Russel, a second-year electro-mechanical engineering technician program student. “It’s a good opportunity to practice self-defense.”

To get better you need to be invested and practice over and over.

“Practice doesn’t make perfection, but perfect practice makes perfection,” said sensai Fluke.

Some students are heavily invested and have never missed a class.

“I usually go three times a week and I’ve only missed one practice,” said Montgomery who wants to eventually be able to compete but is only in it for the health benefits, strength and endurance until he is ready to take it to the next level.

And others just have smaller objectives, “It is fun and a good opportunity to meet people,” said Russel. Others like Mohamed Wazzi Moukahal, a first-year in the electrical engineering technician program come three times a week with the goal of getting to his potential while learning how to fight.

Others who have heavier schedules such as Jun Sleede, a lab technician for the paramedic program, the goal is to get back in the practice of martial arts train once a week.

The classes are not just open for students but also for staff and teachers at Algonquin. “I would recommend this class to anyone because the teacher is highly technical,” said Sleede.

According to one of the partitioners Montgomery, Muay Thai is not just an exercise, something for your body but also for your mind.

“I found so many benefits, it boosted my self-confidence. I feel like a million bucks leaving here,” said Montgomery.