Algonquin Wolves players Matheus Holand (left) and Jacob Matheson (middle left) watch Connor Finnie (middle) strike the ball past two Niagara Knights players on Feb. 18. Photo credit: Marco Ghosn

The Algonquin Wolves had an impressive display on the court Saturday afternoon, winning 3-0 against the Niagara Knights.

The first set had intensity straight off the get go. Both teams were trading points until the Wolves showed their quality and pulled away to seal a 25-22 set win.

More of the same would follow with the second set. It was a close, but eventually, the Wolves showed their desire to power through and won the set 25-21, giving them a 2-0 set lead.

The Wolves won the third set 25-19 to not only win the game but to move onto provincials. The team will now head to Fanshawe College in London to play for the OCAA championship on Feb. 23 and look to win it all.

“It’s the big game of the season, it’s the playoff game that brings you to provincials,” said Jelle Kooijman, head coach of the Algonquin Wolves. “To step up and win three straight, sure you can argue we can win some with a slightly bigger margin, but we pulled it out and played with intensity so I’m super happy.”

With the highest level of volleyball in the province is going to be demonstrated in London, Koojimann wants to see his team play with the same intensity that they did on on Feb. 18 against the Knights.

“I think we’ve shown throughout the season that when we are at our best, we can compete with anyone in the province,” said Kooijman. “The expectation is to compete and to be bring the insanity and bring the energy like we did today and what we did two weeks ago and if that means we’re going to win games, I’m going to be super happy.”

Connor Finnie, middle player and currently the tallest player on the Wolves standing at 6-7, is pleased with the way his team played. He is excited to be a part of provincials.

“I think we played really well today,” he said. “I think it’s a good sign that we’re on the up trend and I think we a got a little more In the tank and we’ll show that in provincials. We’re going to try and take home the win, all the way, number one. Let’s see what happens there, a lot of good teams in provincials, but we’re going to play our best and try to take it home for Algonquin.”

If fans want to cheer on the Algonquin Wolves men’s volleyball team, they can do so by watching the OCAA championship live stream this Thursday. The time is still unknown.