Daoud (Dawwd) Soukary jumping scoring a basket against Loyalist. The Thunder was defeated by the Lancers. Photo credit: Emily Britton

The Thunder men’s basketball had a tough loss on Feb. 9 against the Loyalist Lancers, losing 65-54.

The game broke double digits as the Thunder are now at 10 losses – six of them consecutively since Jan. 16.

During the first quarter, Chris Lachapelle earned the Thunder their first two points. Dan Stoddard, Gabriel Anderson, Justin Foster and Daoud Soukary, all shot their way to earn their team eight points as they ended the first quarter 8-15.

The Thunder picked up during the second quarter, earning 15 points, while the Loyalists kept a steady pace at 21, leading the Thunder 43-23.

David Tshimanga and Dan Stoddard came out and brought the heat into the third quarter snagging the Thunder four points each. Meanwhile, Jay Springs brought the remainder up to 10 points, ending the third quarter 33-55.

Going into the fourth, the Thunder trailed behind the Lancers and ultimately met their defeat with an 11-point difference.

Tshimanga led the game for the Thunder, scoring 12 points. He’s not proud with how the game went, however, saying there were baskets he missed, as well as rebounds.

“It’s frustrating. We just lost like six games in a row. So, I mean I’m mad you know, like we need to get back on track and start getting better,” Tshimanga said.

Head coach, Trevor Costello, was also not pleased with how the games have been playing out recently.

“Brutal. We are on such a downslide. We are playing so bad, it’s unacceptable and we can’t get out of our funk. We tried different lineups in practices, we’ll be doing so many different things. It’s a horrible time right now,” Costello said.

Costello hopes the team will sneak into the playoffs by default. He will be trying out different drills before the team heads out to battle the Fleming Knights for their second last game on Feb. 16.