Disheartening 3-1 loss for Wolves women’s volleyball against Durham Lords

"We competed really, really well," said Coach Everton Senior, of team's second-to-last home game on Friday.
Photo: Nathalia Lencioni
Wolves player Isabella Tourangeau blocks an attack.

The Algonquin Wolves women’s volleyball team faced the Durham Lords on Friday Jan. 26, ending a close game in an unfortunate 3-1 loss.

The match began with the Wolves dominating a majority of the first period, and although the Lords got up to 21 points towards the second half, the Wolves took the first set four points ahead at 25 points.

“We had ups and downs, but overall I think we had good service, good offence, good side outs,” said Faith Billaney, left side for the Wolves. “We just had a few stumps in the middle.”

The Lords took the second and third sets, ending the second period with a two-point advantage over the Wolves at 28 and the third period with a five-point advantage at 25 points.

“We gave it our all, we did what we could,” said Emilie Menard, libero for the Wolves. “Tomorrow is our graduation, so it’s going to be a very emotional day for a lot of people on the team, but it should be a fun game.”

The Wolves’ upcoming match on Jan. 27, will be the last home game played by eight of the Wolves players, who will be graduating from the team.

“I think we played well in spurts,” said Coach Everton Senior. “We had a couple of pockets that we let the game get away from us. But we competed really, really well and we were just steady for most of the match.”

For the duration of the fourth and final period, the rivalling teams’ scores were split by no more than two points. But despite all efforts, the Lords took the set and with it the game, with one point over the Wolves at 25 points.

“It’s going to be a tough day tomorrow,” said Senior. “It’s graduation day for eight of our girls, so there’s probably going to be some tears shed. Maybe some from me too, I’ve really gotten close to these girls and I really love this group, so it’s going to be a tough day.”

The Wolves women’s volleyball team is set to return to the Athletics and Recreation Centre court on Jan. 27, where they will be playing against the Fleming Phoenix.

For more information on upcoming games, visit the Algonquin Wolves portal.

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