The smiles on everyone's faces said it all after tasting the Three Sisters soup. President Claude Brulé welcomed college faculty to take part in the Harvest Coffee Break on Oct. 9. Photo credit: Jessica Alberga

The scent of freshly brewed coffee and warm cornbread infused the halls of the first floor of the DARE district on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

A round table in the center of the hall draped in a black cloth held three large canisters filled with steaming hot Three Sisters soup. Made of corn, beans and squash, the soup’s pairings signify the sustainable nutrition each item provides in our community.

President Claude Brulé took to the stage to welcome the Algonquin College faculty to their Harvest Coffee Break. The event was created to a be a time for colleagues to come together, share a few stories, share a small meal and enjoy a good laugh.


The theme of the coffee break was community. And as everyone indulged in the hot soup and warm cornbread, a sense of warmth and comfort flowed in the air.

Jeff van Belk accompanied the mood with soft acoustic melodies.