Students of Algonquin College miss in-class learning (Featured Photo) Photo credit: Trishala Zala

Students all over the world have been studying online for more than a year. The return to on-campus classes and social life will happen soon, but slowly. Enjoying activities with new friends, sitting at the café and meeting teachers are for most students just memories for now.

On June 16, an Algonquin Times reporter went to campus to ask college students: What do you miss about in-class learning? Here is what they had to say:

Nicole Photo credit: Trishala Zala

Name: Nicole

Program: Hairstyling

“I don’t have any comparison to in-person studying but I will say that the online studying is pretty confusing, especially for the hair program, it should be done in-class. The online parts are way confusing that I don’t think I am going to come back for the next semester. I’ll be back again if they are doing in-person classes. I can relate and connect in in-person classes but online they can just tell me what I need to learn and I feel like I am just reading from the textbooks.”

Hailey Rock
Hailey Rock Photo credit: Trishala Zala

Name: Hailey Rock

Program: Esthetics

“Things I miss about in-person classes are, one is connecting with the people of my program especially when it comes to group projects as they are very hard over emails and Zoom. Another thing is, actually interacting with people, having the actual physical touch, seeing someone physically is way different than seeing someone just on-screen. It also affects mental health. Lastly, I miss the resources while studying online, like printing and access to computer labs.”

Kajal Patel
Kajal Patel Photo credit: Trishala Zala

Name: Kajal Patel

Program: Business Management and Entrepreneurship

“I miss seeing my classmates and professors in-person and exchanging ideas with them as it makes me feel motivated to study. I miss the energy of being in the school also, because I can’t participate in college clubs and various cultural activities to know more about the college.”

Sarah Culbert
Sarah Culbert Photo credit: Trishala Zala

Name: Sarah Culbert

Program: Esthetics

“Things I miss about in-person classes are getting to make new friends, meeting them and hanging out after school. Also, it is easier to learn when you get to talk to the professors, interact with them face-to-face during classes.”

JOCELYN Photo credit: Trishala Zala

Name: Jocelyn

Program: Hairstyling

“I would rather be doing in-person learning because it is more personal and I am not a computer person. Studying in-person helps me a lot more than studying remotely.”