From top left to top right: Aliyu Mohammad Garba, Electrical Technician; Fath Rekha Mugabo Program, Business Management Entrepreneurship; Chukwunonye Franklyn, Mechanic Engineering. From bottom left to bottom right: Mkhaled Alhariri Program, Electrical Engineering; Michael Kirton Program, Music Industry Arts; Kenny Ntwali Program, Business Management Entrepreneurship

Billions of people around the world love reading books, whether romance, horror, comedy, action or mystery. Although it was once predicted that ebooks would replace print books, this hasn’t happened. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 37 per cent of American adults continue to read print books only, while only seven per cent read only ebooks, and 28 per cent read a mix of both.

We asked Algonquin College students whether they prefer ebooks or physical books.

Mkhaled Alhariri, Electrical Engineering
Mkhaled Alhariri, Electrical Engineering Photo credit: Wawina Nzibu

Mkhaled Alhariri

Program: Electrical Engineering

“I would prefer both to be honest because ebook is kind of messy but at the same time, you can still find whatever you want by just using the search button and you can find the word or topic you’re looking for. With physical books, it’s easy. You can write notes, stuff like that. It depends on whether you like straight up looking for the answers or just want to read it.”

Aliyu Mohammad Garba, Electrical Technician
Aliyu Mohammad Garba, Electrical Technician Photo credit: Wawina Nzibu

Aliyu Mohammad Garba

Program: Electrical Technician

“I would say I prefer physical books because you have it right there with you any time you need to go through, you just scroll through the pages and take your notes down. Ebooks too are good but, it’s just sometimes when you don’t have internet, or you’re not able to access them online but they are good too because you can just search for what you are looking for and it takes you straight up there. For me, I take physical books, not the eBook.”

Fath Rekha Mugabo, Business Management Entrepreneurship
Fath Rekha Mugabo, Business Management Entrepreneurship Photo credit: Wawina Nzibu

Fath Rekha Mugabo

Program: Business Management Entrepreneurship

“I think I prefer the physical textbooks than you make some notes, and you don’t always have to be on your computer or phone or whatever. And you can take a break from that because you’re always using social media. I prefer the books because you concentrate more. On an eBook you can go to YouTube, and whatever, so I prefer a physical copy.

Kenny Ntwali, Business Management Entrepreneurship
Kenny Ntwali, Business Management Entrepreneurship Photo credit: Wawina Nzibu

Kenny Ntwali

Program: Business Management Entrepreneurship

“I prefer eBooks because you cannot get lost and it’s a soft copy so it cannot get damaged. And it’s easier to carry in your laptop or email, anywhere you can access it. Anywhere, anytime you can be at a coffee shop, you don’t need to carry a bag with it. I prefer an eBook because you can store it for a long time.”

Chukwunonye Franklyn, Mechanic Engineering
Chukwunonye Franklyn, Mechanic Engineering Photo credit: Wawina Nzibu

Chukwunonye Franklyn

Program: Mechanic Engineering

“I prefer physical books, it’s always good to have it there, you can feel it. You can put yourself in that, like the way the author, when you’re with the book, you get to feel to it more than audio. The audio is a bit out of touch, you’re basically just hearing it. It also kind of improves your memory, your mental capacity when it comes to reading, and imaginative memory. You get to picture it in your mind more because it’s almost like you’re reading yourself a story or the book. You’re at the same time creating an imaginative scenario from your own perspective. When someone is reading it to you, you’re seeing it from the person’s view, but when you’re reading it to yourself, you’re seeing it from your view. That’s why most of the time I prefer books, that’s why you get more lost in books or enjoy books more than audio. Audio feels out of touch.”

Michael Kirton, Music Industry Arts
Michael Kirton, Music Industry Arts Photo credit: Wawina Nzibu

Michael Kirton

Program: Music Industry Arts

“I’m a mixed personality, I like both. I like the fact you can organize online notes and access the information. I also like physical books. You can highlight them, but I guess you can do that digitally as well.”