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Canadians give me warmth

When I first came to Algonquin College on AC Day 1, I was all alone. I found myself glued to the seat as I was so anxious to face the fact that I was the only Chinese student in the class.

I’d been in Canada less than a two weeks.

People in class chatted with each other. I didn’t talk to anybody.

When I came to Canada to study for the first time, I never expected myself to be that nervous. I have to admit, it is hard to talk to people who speak a different first language. I was always thinking: will they mock me if I accidentally make a mistake in my English expression?

Despite that fear of talking to my Canadian classmates, I had to take this step one way or another. I made my first try, and I was rewarded for my attempt as I found out that they are all friendly to foreign students like me.

As I got along with some of my classmates, I started making progress in understanding more about their culture. The more I talked to them, the more I realized how kind they are.

Today, they always like to share their amazing ideas and opinions with me. They always lend me aid when I have trouble understanding the content of the courses. Most importantly, they are willing to accept me, even though we have completely different cultural backgrounds.

The cold and snowy weather, I must say, is a challenge.

What keeps me warm in this harsh, frustrating weather, however, is the friendly people who live in this country.


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